‘I was 2 and I was scribbling on the wall in Sumperk….it was warm’

The Early Days
I remember sitting at the dining table and constantly drawing. Mums words still echo – “Not now, later; time for lunch.”

I migrated from Czechoslovakia to Australia with my family in 1980 – and my art became my salvation.

My earliest memories are feelings – the feeling of picking up a pencil, the feeling of what the pencil and I created – a sense of connection, self satisfaction – and so much joy. Gradually I transitioned from using pencil to brush, then twigs and finally, my fingers. And this is where I could fully feel.

While growing up, my parents encouraged my artistic outlet and from the age of 6 they enrolled me in a School of Arts allowing my creativity to thrive. Over the years I explored various styles and I realised that my passion for abstract and figurative art is when I feel most connected. It’s a journey that doesn’t end. It’s full of surprises, freedom. And it’s about trusting myself to be totally vulnerable…

The Process
My art is inspired by nature, sound, words, feelings and subconscious metaphors of just being. The process? I connect with my subject, I close my eyes, I allow the marks to fall onto the surface – and without thought in mind, an unexpected journey begins.

And Now
Today I live in Brisbane, Australia and share my love for art with my two beautiful daughters, Eladia and Juanita. They are the loves of my life and have always supported and encouraged me. Now, Eladia is also part of my art business world in a more formal way, lending her support as my marketing and new business exec.

I invite you into my world. I want to share with you my love and joy of art.

Creating is all I know…..its who I am….